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About me
“I am a software architect working in the Data Science field. I am making scalable, high available, and distributed systems to turn insights from big data to intelligent web application. “
About M41 highway
The M41 highway is the road to the Pamir, where is the tallest mountains located in the world. It is one of the most beautiful places in the planet, yet the most difficult journey in the history. It is talking about beyond the limitation. It seems like the same thing as my daily experience in solving problems of software engineering. Anyway, let’s share and enjoy 🙂
M41 highway是通往帕米爾高原的公路。那是世界上最高的山峰的所在之地。她是世外桃園,但路途險要艱鉅。這是一個超越自我之旅,恰似在軟件工程中排難解錯,精益求精的歷程。歡迎分享交流 🙂
Anthony Ng @m41highway

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